Difference between Modem and Router

A modem connects multiple sites and routes network traffic between them. If you are having the large collection of PCs and LANs, then the modem is a very important tool. It’s that simple. In the case of your home network, your router has one connection to the Internet and one link with your private local network. Also, many modems also include built-in changes that allow you to join multiple wired devices. Many also contain wireless radios that enable you to connect Wi-Fi products. Here in this article, we are going to share the basic Difference between Modem and Router.

Your computer acts as a bridge between your network and the Web. The word “modem” is shorthand for modulator-demodulator. Modems were used to regulate the indicators on phone lines so that electronic data could be secured and carried over them and then demodulated—and decoded—on the other end. A modem can be a unit that negotiates the bond with your ISP throughout your telephone line while a router is a product that is used to connect two networks together, in cases like this your system to your computer.

Difference between Modem and Router

Difference between Modem and Router

Router use RJ45 because it is known that it would just connect with computer networks. Its job will be to study a data supply and decide where it will move; it decides the route the info must consider, thus the name switch. It’s a hub where firewalls are executed so that you can screen out potential attacks or hazards which may attempt to access your community.

Cable modems are wonderful devices. Once you’ve owned and mounted a cable modem, you probably wondered how you ever lived without one. Your cable modem connects your personal computer to the digital world outside your home/office to the Internet. Your cable modem is always on, and it is ready if you are. But without proper safety, you can easily become infected with worms, worms, and spyware that will easily access and share your PC!

Main Difference:

The modem brings the information in, while the router distributes the information to the network that is collected by modem.

Modem vs. Router:

Modem: Both Modems and routers connect PCs to the network. The modem is the device that modulates analog signal and code and decodes the data. The modem converts the signals that can be read by a computer. For passing data between your PC and Internet Service Provider (ISP), it is necessary to code and decode the data, so the modem is used for the same task to perform. Modem works as a post office of your city that brings all the information in and connects you to the network. The modem has several connections on the back as a Power connection, coaxial cable connection and finally Ethernet cable connection that goes out to your router.

Router: Both modem and router look similar but work differently. It is also known as a switch. The main function of Router is to split internet connection to multiple devices like computers or phones ad to distribute the information to the network that is collected by modem. Probably it also has a similar connection on the back. The router has several connections on the back Power connection, Ethernet cable connection, and port to connect modem if you do not connect via Wi-Fi.


Following are the basic Difference between Modem and Router:

  • The modem connects PCs to the internet whereas Router directs information that is collected by Modem.
  • The modem is Inter-networking device whereas a router is networking device.
  • The modem can connect to a single device as PCs and phones whereas router can connect to multiple PCs or phones via Ethernet cable or WiFi.
  • The modem can directly connect to the internet but Router cannot connect to the internet without a modem.
  • The modem doesn’t provide any security measure whereas Router provides security measure over the network.

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