Difference Between WCDMA and GSM

Main Difference: In a nutshell, WCDMA stands for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access is advanced communication method, and GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications is 2G communication method we use nowadays. In this article, we are going to share the basic Difference Between WCDMA and GSM how they are related to each other in today’s modern age.

Difference Between WCDMA and GSM

WCDMA: WCDMA stands for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access. It is advanced 3G mobile communication technology. It has high data rate. Also provides services such as MMS, Voice call, and SMS. WCDMA is most preferred mode as compared to other ways. If one has limited WCDMA coverage, then this mode is the best option for them. Because if there will be sufficient WCDMA signal then the device will switch automatically to WCDMA and if there isn’t enough signal device will automatically fallback to GSM. Most of the WCDMA phones also include GSM.

GSM: GSM is 2D technology that is used in mobile communication. It provides digital communication. GSM technology firstly started digital communication. Different other alternatives can GSM like GPRS (Global Packet for Radio Service), EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution), UMTS and LTE. 2G and 3G and 4G service vary from one another. GSM is widely used in mobile communication though it is older technology and also carry data at low speed. Most of the mobiles easily support GSM technology.

GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications

  • 1G – Analog Cellular Network
  • 2G – GSM or CDMA
  • 3G – WCDMA
  • 4G – LTE, HSPA+ all based on WCDMA, Wi – Max

Following are the basic Difference Between WCDMA and GSM:

  • WCDMA is advanced technology whereas GSM is the older technology.
  • WCDMA is 3G mobile carrier standard whereas GSM is 2G mobile carrier standard.
  • WCDMA provides high data rates whereas GSM has low data rates.
  • WCDMA mode is not used commonly than that of the GSM.
  • WCDMA uses more power whereas GSM uses low power.
  • WCDMA phones support also supports GSM as well whereas only GSM phones do not support WCDMA.
  • WCDMA technology is not commonly used as compared to GSM technology.

The main reasons why telecom companies are experiencing problems with rapidly implementing will be the variation within the frequency bands they use. As a result of this, GSM only devices, cannot communicate with WCDMA only communities and vice versa. To be able to prevent this, it has become popular for most telephone manufacturers to include multiple frequency bands for both 2G networks and 3G networks. This means that their mobile phones may be used in almost any network and any site on the planet. Telecommunications companies need to use a WCDMA system over their current GSM system to offer 3G services while still retaining compatibility with older mobile phones that are not suitable for WCDMA.

WCDMA Vs. GSM Video Explanation:

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