Difference Between MBA and PGDM

Today, youths are much more concerned about their career, and they want to do something new and innovative to boost up their career. For this purpose, they are in trouble in choosing a course which will help them in becoming a good entrepreneur and manager, between an MBA and PGDM. Most of them dont even know how they differ? So come, and let’s understand the difference between an MBA and PGDM. Check this article regarding the basic Difference Between MBA and PGDM.

What do MBA and PGDM stand for? MBA is a degree, while PGDM  is a diploma program. According to the standards of the UGC, Faculties/Institutes affiliated to a university can provide MBA degrees. The autonomous/private Business Schools which aren’t affiliated with any university can offer the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programs.

Difference Between MBA and PGDM

Difference Between MBA and PGDM

Difference Between MBA and PGDM

Hence, even apex institutions like IIM, XLRI, and SPJIMR offer PGDM and not the MBA degree since these associations are autonomous bodies and are not affiliated with any university.


Basis of Comparison MBA PGDM
1 Expands to Master in Business Administration. Post Graduate Diploma in Management.
2 Meaning An MBA is a program offered by various universities to learn knowledge about business and management. A PGDM is a course offered by several institutes and universities, to develop business or industry skills and knowledge in students.
3 Course Type Master Degree Diploma Certificate
4 Offered By University Autonomous Institute or University.
5 Duration Normally, 2 years, but subject to certain exceptions. Normally, 1 year, but subject to certain exceptions.
6 Curriculum Rigid Flexible


MBA is called Master in Business Administration, is a degree course offered by various universities, in which students can take admission by giving an entrance exam i.e. CAT/ MAT/ GMAT, etc. just after completing their bachelor degree program.

It’s an AICTE approved the course which assists in establishing a knowledge of the business along with management. It is the most used class worldwide and recognized internationally.


PGDM is also called Post Graduate Diploma in Administration, is a qualified degree course provided by many autonomous institutes (not associated with College) or colleges, where individuals usually takes admission either directly or through moving an entrance examination like CAT/ PAD/ GMAT etc. dependent on the plans of the institution, right after school. It’s an AICTE approved, and UGC recognized class which assists in developing critical skills and techniques for business or business in students.


  • Admission in the course after graduation.
  • AICTE approved and UGC recognized.
  • Entrance exam.
  • Learning about Business.

Some Key Points regarding the Difference Between MBA and PGDM

1) Only colleges will offer MBA: In India, only those management institutes which are affiliated to some school can provide an MBA degree. Additionally IIMs, although being the top of the lot, can’t offer MBAs since they are not associated with any school.

2) Distinction in focus of course: While you can find large characteristics within the curriculum of both MBA and PGDM, you’ll find finer points of difference.

3) The curriculum of PGDM is versatile: PGDM gives you a business exposure. Whereas it’ll take the time to modify the program for MBAs since it is associated with a college and it will follow the school guidelines and change this curriculum can be a very slow process.

4) MBAs are far more affordable: In in comparison with PGDM, usually, MBAs are more affordable.


The students who are in trouble can go through this difference which to select the best option for them. MBA has a lot of benefits that’s why it is recognized over the world, and it’s a professional degree course which most of the companies recommend, however, PGDM is not less than MBA, it provides all the benefits of an MBA and some famous institutes also provide PGDM which is equal to an MBA.

Hope you liked our detailed comparison and Difference Between MBA and PGDM, PGDMvs MBA which is best, benefits of doing PGDMcourse and PGDMvs MBA salary. Comment below if you need any help.

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