Difference between Marxism and Communism

Main Difference: Marxism is the principle and communism is a framework that defines how to implement Marxism in a state practically. Both Marxism and communism are like terms and are based on equality. In this article, we are going to share the basic Difference between Marxism and Communism.

Marxist Communism has been one of the very powerful ideological developments. Americans do have many misconceptions about Communism, however, that have been deliberately promoted by National leadership.

Difference between Marxism and Communism

Communism is the realization of the Stateless society where all are equivalent. On the other hand, Marxism could be the framework for which such a state is designed. Although Marxism can be a political ideology according to Karl Marx’s suggestions, communism can be called as being a political system, which will be based on Marxist ideology.


Marxism is based on the ideology of Karal Morx who was a famous philosopher who born in Germany in 1818 in and died in Landon in 1883. It is also known as conflict philosophy because it states the social conflict in with each other. Marxism claims this conflict that is between rich and poor people. It is political, economic philosophy. Marxism is the best ideology to get fair society. The term Marxism could be clearer if you know about its opposite term that is capitalism which is based upon inequality. It usually adopted by many countries.


Communism is based on equality. All members work together to achieve the communal goal. In communist society, the community is responsible for fulfilling the necessities of every member so he can work better without any worry for a basic need. The one who does work in additional hours he will not get any extra amount. The employer also has equal right as the owner has.

Marxism is a system that analysis the different facets of a state where there exists no distinction between your wealthy and the poor. And Communism may be termed as a political system where all become the same.

Communism is aimed at creating a class less, egalitarian and stateless society depending on common ownership, which promotes equality and fairness.

Following are the basic differences between Marxism and Communism:

  1. Marxism is a method to implement Communism practically.
  2. Communism focuses upon equality whereas Marxism is the framework that defines how to implement this ideology in the state.
  3. Marxism ideology is presented by Karl Marx’s whereas communism is not any theory.
  4. Both terms are related but are implicated differently.
  5. Both terms depend on each other can’t be separated because an idea without implementation means less.

Communism is an extreme form of socialism. Don’t confuse with this two terms. Many people use these two terms for similar use.
Several nations have prominent socialist political parties, but hardly any are truly communist. In fact, many places – including staunch capitalist bastions like the U.S. and U.K. – have government plans that borrow from socialist principles. “Socialism” is sometimes used interchangeably with “communism” but the two philosophies have some stark differences.

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