Difference Between i5 and i7 – Which Processor is Right For You?

If you are normal computer user then you don’t need to worry about i5 and i7. Whether you’re developing the next Computer or looking for a brand new computer online, one of the issues that arises from time to time is whether the Intel Core i5 or Key i7 is just a better bargain. The short answer, “It depends,” isn’t all that useful, so we’ve damaged the data out in more detail and for both mobile and desktop processors. Here’s what you need to understand and Difference Between i5 and i7.

Difference Between i5 and i7

Intel’s Skylake (6th generation) haven’t actually changed significantly. The Primary i7 features quad-cores with Hyper-Threading enabled and Intel’s HD Design 530 solution. The Intel i5 family offers quad-cores without Hyper Threading, and sometimes HD Design 530 or 510 GPUs. A lot of people, including participants, must be good with a Core i5 desktop CPU. Primary i7 chips tend to enable more with design, video editing, audio post production, and other tasks that want as numerous processor threads as possible.

For design, the HD Graphics 510 has 12 execution models (EUs), as the 530 has 24. Prevent the 510 regardless where you intend to do anything significant using the GPU. However the long standing guideline stays true: No Intel chip is particularly strong within the design division, in addition to the EDRAM-equipped Eye Pro options (none that exist in socketed client electronics). Fan participants should always choose a discrete GPU.

intel core i5 vs i7

As a way to help you decide between your two CPUs, we tried two otherwise identical Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1s (1080p / 8GB / 1TB HDD), one with a Primary i5 7200U Computer along with the other with a Key i7-7500U processor. Both CPUs are dualcore members of the most recent Intel 7th Generation processor program.

One note before we continue: We’re concentrating our assessment around the U Series of Kaby Lake processors, which you’ll find in most popular laptops. Portable gaming rigs and workstations use quadcore HQ series chips.

The Differences and Price Delta

There’s not a huge amount of difference between i5 and i7. While bumping up in the Core-i3 towards the i5 gets you Turbo Boost, there are no new differences between i5 and i7.


On Geekbench 4, a synthetic benchmark that measures efficiency, the Primary i5 configuration of the Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1 earned a rating of 6,712, while the Core i7 model’s score was 7,515. That is an 11.9 percent improvement.


i3 is a dual core processor and can actually serve two threads per core. In other words, a total of four threads can run simultaneously.

On the other hand, i5 processors are quad cores, since they don’t support Hyper-Threading.

Series Cores Turbo Boost Hyper Threading
i5 4 Yes No
i7 4 Yes Yes

Generally speaking, here’s who each processor type is best for:

  • Core i5: Intermediate users. Good for gaming if you buy an HQ processor or a Q processor with a dedicated graphics processor.
  • Core i7: Professionals, Video editing, Gaming and more.

Hope you liked our article on the basic Difference Between i5 and i7 and Core I5 Vs Core I7 comparisions. If you want to add something or have any question then comment below.

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