Difference Between Hotel And Motel

There are many similarities between hotel and motel; both stand for giving short-term lodging for travelers and tourists. Even though a difference between hotel and motel conventionally used to be fairly universal, presently there is more similarity than ever, especially if anyone wants to stay at a national chain motel.

National chain motels are mostly multi-lateral complexes equipped with motel rooms on several floors. Old-fashioned motels mostly found in small towns or outskirts of the towns are of a single level and efficiently represent the traditional definition of motels. As hotels and motels are designed with a view to providing accommodation and services to the guests, anyone can find many restaurants or cafes adjacent to them.

Some hotels have the facilities of restaurants inside them including a share of a parking lot. For a longer stay at hotels and motels, it will frequently include a kitchen room so that you can cook meals for yourself. They may even comprise kitchen wares such as pots and pans, dishes, coffee cups and silver pots for your meals.

Difference Between Hotel And Motel

Here, we will discuss the difference between hotel and motel as well as some of their similarities. One of the first similarities is that both hotels and motels can easily be booked through online at various websites. On the websites, the guests can avail thousands of lodgings options including hotels, motels, resorts, luxury hotels and budget hotels under affordable charges. You can also browse through the testimonials from different customers about each hotel and motel’s cleanliness, accommodation service, price, safety, and facilities.

It does not make a big difference if you want to make a reservation in hotel or motel, with the help of online service you can do it with ease and comforts. You will also learn some additional information regarding their service and price of accommodation.

The difference between hotel and motel can also be found with the fact that the motel is a roadside hotel where people are traveling by car visit. They also have space for parking cars near the rooms of the motel. Motels came into existence in the early 20th century when the cars became a household needs, making long distances journey much easier.

The main difference between hotel and motel is also related to its price. Hotels are relatively very costlier than the motels and even the service of accommodation, sanitation and cleanliness are much better compared to motels. Even the size of the rooms of hotels is comparatively bigger than the motels. Though hotels are booked for a single night stay, some customers make overstay at the hotels, especially business travelers. Traditionally hotels are located in the city whereas the motels are located anywhere along the side of highways connecting to some famous tourists destinations. This is the reason that most of the time hotels and motels are designed differently.

But in the course of time, as the time has changed the traditional mode of lodging, the time is also narrowing the difference between hotel and motel by bringing more similarities. So to say, in some years down the line, there would be hardly any hotel vs motel difference, both will be treated same.

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