Difference between Frog and Toad

Another interesting topic or another topic that confuse people, there are several difference between frog and toad, but due to their almost same appearance, people don’t know whether they have to use the word frog or toad for it. The difference between these two animals or creatures is so slippery that one can easily go the other way.

There are 55 species are Available of frogs and toads, grouped in the order Anura. They also differ from frogs in several of important anatomical features, but most are internal, and hence not readily seen.

Difference between Frog and Toad

The true toads are a remarkably diverse group, with 50 genera and nearly 600 species native to all continents except Antarctica and Australia. Even though a toad isn’t hard to differentiate from a frog in most of Europe and North America, where toads seem like toads and frogs seem like frogs, it starts getting tricky in different areas of the world. Some frogs look a whole lot like toads and toads that look a whole lot like frogs.

Difference between Frog and Toad

Frogs and toads are really confusing. They seem same but they are different. Also, they have different colors and shape. They behave differently.

Let’s talk out the differences between these two creatures.

Differences in Physical Characteristics

Frogs range in size from 10 mm to 300 mm. Most frogs have moist and smooth skin. Many frogs, especially those that live in water, have webbed toes.

Toads have a shorter body and Frogs, on another hand, tend to have longer legs. The frog’s eyes tend to be protuberant and bulge.

Body Structure:

  • Frogs have slim and shaped body.
  • Toads are bulky and stout body type.


  • Frogs have wet, thin and colorful skin.
  • Toads have dry and thick skin with several bumps, and their color is using brown.

The way of Lying Eggs:

  • The frog lays eggs in clusters.
  • Toad lays eggs in a chain.

The way of Moving around:

  • For moving around frogs prefer to jump.
  • Toads walk or hops(small) from moving one place to another place.


  • Frogs have long legs.
  • Toads have short legs.


  • Frogs have bulging eyes.
  • Toads have parotoid glands behind their eyes.

Area of Living:

  • Frogs mostly are found in water.
  • Toads love to live on land.

Also Know As:

  • Frogs are also known as true frogs.
  • Toads are also known as true toads.

These two resembles each other a lot that’s why many people don’t use the word toad instead for them anything that appears like a Frog is a frog or for them, one is a slim frog, and other is a fatty frog.

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